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AC Installation

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AC System Installation

Efficient AC Installation by Professionals for Your Ultimate Comfort

If you are shopping for a new air conditioner for your home in Columbia area, call Polar Express Heating and Air for a free in-home estimate with replacement. Our team of AC installation experts will assess your residence and assist you in selecting the most suitable air conditioning system for your needs. We are committed to providing transparent and comprehensive cost explanations, ensuring you feel at ease and confident about receiving optimal value for your investment.
Determining the Right Time for Air Conditioner Replacement
If you encounter any of these indicators, it might be wise to consult a professional HVAC contractor for AC replacement services. Some common signals for requiring a new air conditioner encompass:
  • Air conditioning unit surpasses 15 years of service: While manufacturers have enhanced the longevity of their units, air conditioning systems have a finite lifespan. If your unit is 15 years old or older, it might be appropriate to consider AC replacement.
  • Inadequate cooling performance: If your air conditioner fails to effectively cool your living space, it could be due to age, a malfunctioning blower motor, insufficient coolant levels, blocked filters, or a combination of factors. Consulting a skilled AC contractor is recommended for necessary service.
  • Escalating humidity and moisture indoors: Elevated indoor humidity (you may notice clammy hands, nighttime sweating, etc.) might signify inadequate cooling performance by your air conditioner.
  • Unusual banging noises from the AC: Noises such as banging or clanking may indicate loose components, damaged belts, or even a deteriorating system.
  • Unpleasant odors from the AC: A sulfur or rotten egg odor could point to the presence of a deceased small animal or rodent within your air ducts, while a musty scent often indicates mildew around the outdoor compressor or its vicinity.
  • Surging electricity bills: A noticeable increase in electricity costs during summer likely suggests that your air conditioner is no longer capable of meeting your cooling requirements efficiently. This serves as a signal for considering a new AC system.

AC Installation Service - Call the Experts

At Polar Express, our dedicated team assists you in selecting the ideal system, swiftly executing your AC installation with maximum efficiency. With extensive experience in AC installation, we’re well-acquainted with the requirements of leading manufacturers. Our skilled technicians ensure adherence to these specifications, often completing the installation in a single visit. Moreover, we take the initiative to comprehensively explain each step of the process, ensuring you’re fully informed about your HVAC system’s status.
How Our Service Operates

Before the installation of a new AC unit, our technicians will visit your home for an in-depth assessment of your existing system. This evaluation goes beyond just the installation process – we meticulously examine your current setup to provide an accurate estimate for the new unit. Our experienced technicians then handle the AC installation phase, utilizing the insights gathered during the assessment. This step is particularly crucial as certain installations may require specialized equipment.

Old Unit Removal

The process of AC installation includes the careful removal of your old unit, which houses refrigerant. To ensure safety and compliance, we strictly adhere to EPA standards at Polar Express. Our certified technicians use recovery machines for proper removal, offering our customers peace of mind knowing the procedure is managed professionally.

Advantages of a New Cooling System

Once your new air conditioner is installed, the benefits are immediately evident: cooler and cleaner air, reasonable energy bills, and relief from operational concerns. A new AC unit translates to fewer repair needs, extended lifespan, and enhanced cooling performance. While it entails an initial investment, it yields long-term savings. Energy efficiency can be further promoted with simple practices:

  • Seal your home to prevent drafts and air leakage (focus on cracks under windows and doors).
  • Adjust the thermostat at night for energy savings.
  • Utilize dark, heavy curtains to minimize sun exposure and maintain indoor coolness.

Keep your energy cost low by calling us today at (803)-834-3641 to get schedule an immediate replacement. Guaranteed quality results with transparent upfront pricing.