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Polar Express Maintenance Services

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Maintenance contracts are $169.00 for one system of cleaning. Each additional unit after the one are $85 For each system. contacts include 2 visits annually.
Our maintenance contract services consist of a 6 step process:
  1. Cleaning Outdoor and Indoor Coils.
  2. Flush Drain Lines to get rid of any build up,
  3. Check all Amp Draws of Heat System,
  4. Check all Wires for breaks or burn Spots
  5. Replace all Filters.
  6. Inspect the Whole Duct System and provide final quality assurance checks.      
Maintenance Contract Customers also get:
  1. 15% Off Of Any Parts And Repairs, 
  2. Priority Placement Service
  3. Same Day Service,
  4. Extended Equipment Lifespan
  5. Reduced Energy Cost Leading To Long Term Savings
  6. Improved System Efficiency, Restored Capacity,
  7. One Year Parts And Labor Warranty